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This week was our first full week of taekwondo. We have started as a family. The boys go two nights a week and with us on Saturday mornings. Hubster and I go on two nights a week and Saturdays with the boys.

I think I am in WAY over my head! This is not an easy sport. You really need to be flexible and have balance and well you must pay attention. Don’t get me wrong I am willing and ready to take this step. I just didn’t think it was going to be so challenging right off the bat.

The dojo we are training at is quite nice. Sensei is a very smart man and also very family oriented. He wants to ensure that those who want to take and learn taekwondo are able to do so. He worked with us to make it affordable for our family. We have access to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu {BJJ}, Women’s Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts and even the boys can do BJJ.

Everyone here is nice to a point. It was hard for some of the other kids to realize that our three have never done anything before. So when they were sparring, our boys were more.. wrestling.   I don’t want my boys to feel like they won’t fit in, but I also want others to realize this was their 2nd day. The hardest part is not saying things to them and allow them to get in trouble. They will have to learn when they are to be a rest, they must rest or suffer the push up consequence.

We’ll see how it goes. How things progress. I’m hoping that we all like it and continue on. I’m not sure how I feel about it, except old. I feel old. I want to learn, but I’d rather learn one on one, not in a group setting. So as the month goes by, I’ll decide where I want to go with this.


Do you and your family “spar” together? Do you do another activity together? I’d love to hear from you

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  1. That's awesome! I think every person should experience martial arts from a good legitimate instructor. It's nice that you and your husband will be there with them. I am a BJJ fanatic, I love brazilian jiu jitsu and train as much as I can. Good for you for doing something so good for not just your boys but you and your husband as well.

  2. I think that is SO COOL that you are all doing it together! What a great skill for everyone to learn and challenge each other with!

  3. My older son did Tae Kwon Do when he was little. Martial Arts is so great for everyone! I love that you and your kids could do it together.

  4. Our kiddos are too young. Though we wrestle as much as a three and one year old can. I'm sure this will be in our future!


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