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I see all over some food bloggers I follow that they are doing a pantry challenge. It got me thinking< I bet I could do a Freezer/Pantry Challenge. I also knew too that I need mere basics, like milk, eggs, bread, onions, and other fruits and veggies. So we went to the store, bought the basics and now we are only going to eat from the fridge/freezer/pantry.

Yesterday we went to the waterpark! LOVE that place on a hot day. We too my cousin’s boy and he was hilarious to watch with the boys. He did help get Brent over some of his fears of the rides. We had a great day. So here is the food plan for the week, in no particular order as I may want to change my mind on what we eat :) I’ll also try to post pictures with recipes of the foods we are eating, new things we are trying. But I can't always say I'll do it. Our summer was fairly cool earlier and we have some HOT (above 90) weather coming and that my friend is a great time to spend at the waterpark. My boys are absolute water bugs and this is perfect for all of us.

Without further ado…..

Dinner items I plan to cook at some time

BBQ Ribs(which we had yesterday)

English muffin pizzas





Chicken of some sort


Breakfast is usually something quick

Bagels & Cream Cheese, cereal, muffins, fruit, Sausage & Pancake on stick


Lunch since we’re at waterpark, I take a cooler of stuff.

Applesauce, lunhmeat, carrots, cucumbers, ranch dip, yogurt, fruit


What are your plans for the week? Any recipes I might like? Leave me a comment.

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