Oh My It is July!


It seems that the year is flying by. Or that we are jus to busy to stop and appreciate the day we are in.

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Well it seems that summer is here but the weather IS NOT cooperating. I’m loving the 70 degrees, but not the wind and the coolness that we have been seeing.. along with all the R.A.I.N!!! I am so sick of it!

I know that I should be focusing on what to do for the boys for school next year err in a few months, but I just don’t know what we should be doing. I know that I am not a boxed set kinda girl, but the public schooler in me says we should be. I know my kids don’t learn that way. We HAVE to be hands-on, moveable and well not just sitting.

I also want to incorporate a more bible based, but that might prove more challenging than I am ready to tackle at this moment. Unless I win them, get them as a gift or something of that nature :)

I have History and Geography. I have Spelling and Language Arts. I need Math. I need a GOOD math program. One that keeps the boys engaged and teaches. We might go with Saxon Math.

I am also using a couple different planners to help me create my own planner to fit our lifestyle. We are very eclectic. I really have no “set” schedule, though I am looking at making or more rigid one this year.

Here are some really great planners. Some are free. Some cost a one time fee.

Homeschool Creations~ Homeschool Planner. I love that this is editable. I can also just print what I need/like and go from there. You can use this for the WHOLE year, but I tend to just print out one month at a time.

Amy Baliss~ She has a blog planner I like.

Notebooking Nook ~ 2 Styles of Student Weekly Scheduling Pages, Student Checklist, and Chore Chart Checklist in Color and Black and White Options.

There are many options out there. Confessions Of a Homeschooler has some planners and blog planners too.


I use the blog planner sometimes. I find that I don’t have too much to plan to write about. Maybe as we go through the year I will.

How do you plan your year? Are you semi organized like me?


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  1. Bless you For having the patience to home school. and this year is going by wayy to fast!

  2. Every year for the past 2 years I say I am going to tackle home schooling. Of course I can't. I work full time and my patience is pretty thin by the end of a long day and an hour commute. But bless you for doing it. I think I have always wanted to home school because I'd like to control what my kids are expose to. School can be a very scary place. There are all kinds of people and you never know what anyone is capable of. I mean there have been elementary kids who have brought guns to school. There are bullies and there are teachers who shouldn't be teachers. But I also know that I want my kids to learn to stand up for themselves. To know what is out there. I can't protect them from everything, always...but of course I wish I could. But I think there are a world of benefits to home schooling - but also a world of benefits to public school. I think the best benefit is being able to spend more quality time with your kids when you home school them. You learn together - you surprise yourself. :) Best of luck in the coming school year.


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