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The last three weeks I have been getting MASSIVE headaches. To the point where I go to sleep with them and wake up with them. I’ve never had issues like this before. There were some days I couldn’t even hardly get out of bed.

They weren’t migraines. As it stuck with me the whole time. At times it would be a dull ache. Others it’s be like a baseball pounding on my head.

What is a girl to do when she wants answers? Call the doctor.{ this girl HATES the doctor}. It is probably a chemical in food you are eating. Now mind you I eat a mostly healthy lifestyle. SO how could I be eating something awful??

Come to find out it is a natural chemical in foods that can cause severe headaches.

It is called tyramine.

Definition according to Wikipedia:
Tyramine (4-hydroxyphenethylamine; para-tyramine, mydrial or uteramin) is a naturally occurring monoamine compound and trace amine derived from the amino acid tyrosine.[1] Tyramine acts as a catecholamine (dopamine), norepinephrine (noradrenaline), epinephrine (adrenaline) releasing agent. Notably, however, it is unable to cross the blood-brain barrier, resulting in only nonpsychoactive peripheral sympathomimetic effects. A hypertensive crisis can result from ingestion of tyramine-rich foods in conjunction with monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs).


Now to me this seemed like a bunch of googley gunk! But what it comes down to is a chemical that can affect our bodies if we have too much of it. As I checked further for a list of foods that had this chemical. I became very very sad… Several of the fruits I love very much are high in tyramine.

Here is what I have found so far: {links are to Wikipedia}

Foods containing considerable amounts of tyramine:
include meats that are potentially spoiled or pickled, aged, smoked, fermented, or marinated (some fish, poultry, and beef);
most pork (except cured ham);
alcoholic beverages;
and fermented foods, such as most cheeses (except ricotta, cottage, cream and Neufch√Ętel cheeses)
sour cream,
shrimp paste,
soy sauce,
soybean condiments,
teriyaki sauce,
miso soup,
broad (fava) beans,
green bean pods,
Italian flat (Romano) beans,
snow peas,
red plums,
Brazil nuts,
processed meat,
array of cacti.


This is a LONG list of foods. And I LOVE most of these “good” for you foods. Now what to do I do?? I have to limit myself on these foods. I have to take the temperature of the day, lit of foods that I have or haven’t eaten, what I was/wasn’t doing and I have to do this every time I eat! At least until we can find the culprit.

Headache form

click here to download

I’m not sure which is worse, having the headaches or knowing that there are foods I can’t eat or have to limit to once a week. :(

I am happy I may know the answer. Just not happy about having to give up foods I love. Like YOGURT! I love Yogurt. It is my go to snack at night.

I suppose this is a good thing and it can also help cut down on my weight loss journey. But this is NOT how I wanted to do it.

If you have a diet that is gluten free, tyramine free, How do you do it?

I’d love some feed back.



Here are some other places I have found that talk about high tyramine foods:


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