Bad Blogger



Oh yes I am!

I am amazed at how most of the bloggers I follow ALWAYS have a post every. single. day. That is not me and I don’t know that I will ever be like that. I don’t think I can.

1) I don’t have a large readership

2) This is mostly for family who aren’t close by

3) This blog isn’t about ONE thing. It can’t be. I’m not about one thing.


We homeschool, we LIVE life at home. We learn EVERY SINGLE DAY! I am just not that great or fun or amazing.

There are days when I feel beaten. That I’m not good enough.

I’m sure I’ve blogged about this before, but this is me and this is my family.

Oh how I wish at times my life was so full of fun and amazing things that I could post every day. But then I almost wonder would it even be worth it?

What do I have to offer? I’m a mom of 3 boys who has NO IDEA what she is doing! Seriously… These boys are hard work. They have SOOO much energy I have no idea what to do with it. If it bottles to long, they can implode!


I am excited for this coming year though. We are doing a Co-Op one day a week and I’ll be a teacher of a class. This should be interesting. At least I know that I’ll enjoy it. My boys will get out of the house, enjoy the socialization people think homeschoolers lack and give them classes I am afraid of or don’t really like :)


Maybe one day I create cute printables {find time for it at least}. Or even have really great readers/followers and maybe even sponsors. Right now I’m okay being a bad blogger!


What do you think you are “bad” at?


  1. Do what you do! I used to worry about posting on my site every day, but now I say oh well. I go in spurts. There's too much to do outside of blogging that's MUCH more important. As for cute printables? I was doing that for a long while and then realized that I didn't even use them with my own kids, so opted to just focus on real-life experiences. Being there for my kids is what really matters when it all comes down to it. I am bad at taking time for myself. Got to work on that one (reading, exercising, etc.) :)

  2. Thank you for the reminder that it is about family and what we do outside of blogging that is more important.
    I love the "cute" printables, the boys they are okay with my hand drawn numbers, letters, pictures or whatever. They are just happy that I am there.


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