10 Randomness Things on My Mind



1) Why do my kids find show such as Spiderman, Batman, ya know all the superhero stuff??


2) I am so not prepared for the Transformers Birthday party at the end of the month!


3) I miss my hubby when he works crazy hours.


4) We spend  A LOT of time at the waterpark, I'm surprised my kids still like water.


5) Summer is moving very fast.


6) I want to be better prepared for school this fall.


7) I have lots of planning/preparing to do for San Diego


8) My garden needs to get growing/producing faster.


9) I need to make more time for family.


10) There is is much more going on  in my head that I just can’t comprehend some things.


What is going on in your head right now?

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  1. I'm planning a trip to Colorado tomorrow and missing my boy, who is with his dad, TERRIBLE. I'm trying to embrace alone time with my hubby instead :) And I'm totally with you on the garden! We've had odd weather in KS and mine isn't doing what I'd like.


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