My Dad

Every girl states her daddy is best. She dreams of one day “marrying” her daddy. Then she dreams of the day he walks her down the aisle, or dances with her at her wedding.
Dad and I walking down the aisle.. Can you tell we are related?
Father-Daughter dance…. He made me cry!

My dad taught me a lot. He taught me how to swing a bat, hit a ball, catch, fish, work on cars, be self sufficient and never expect less for myself. He worked hard all his life for us. He loved my mom with a passion that you rarely find today. He knew that giving me away was hard. He knew that I would have a family, but he has become so much a part of my family that I wonder at times how I would manage, broken pipes, leaky basements, fencing and all the other tings in between.
He has become a solid rock and good Christian role model for my boys.
He is a character who loves to laugh, joke and be funny… with anyone and to everyone.
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There isn’t a girl on this Earth who has a better father than I do ;) He’s always been there when I’ve needed him. Shown comfort, compassion and love even in the worst of times.
Family means the most to him and I’m glad he is my dad.
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Happy Father’s Day Dad! I Love you…

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