Encouraging Boys to be their best

This past weekend our boys did the regular BMX Racing thing. I love when they race. I hurt when they lose. For Caleb this is hard. He is almost always racing against older kids. Generally in the 7 and Under Novice group. Which makes it hard on him being 5. We try to explain this, but it doesn’t seem to comprehend. So when he loses, he is sad. We have said over and over and continue to teach them that if they want to do better or win, they must practice, listen to the teacher, pedal when they should be…. that sort of thing.
So, when Caleb came in last, we all cheered him on!
BMX racing
See that smile?? I LOVE that smile.
Why? He did the BEST that he could. he listened. He pedaled as fast as he could and gave it his all. He was sad, there were some tears, but none that stayed. He knows that in order to win, he has to do his best, but coming in last giving it his all, is just as important as a trophy or praise for first place.
It will be harder now that Davin will be moving up from the Strider Bikes. He is now on a two wheeler with no trainers! Oh my I have my hands full, but wouldn’t trade it. The boys LOVE racing. They love the dirt, the cheering, the feel of riding.
Dav getting ready Dav finishing first
Davin getting ready for his race and Davin winning his race!

Davin had a small issue with racing this day. He was a big boys two wheeler and wondered why he couldn’t race it yet. It is very hard when they are eager, but there are certain BMX rules ands we tried to explain them best we could. He was fine come race time, but after he said he is no longer a baby and wanted to race the WHOLE track. Yikes!
My boys are growing up! I sure do love them bunches.
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