Backyard Bible Camp

I’ve often wondered why churches do VBS programs. Are they really worth it? Do they work? Teach about God that stays with the kids?

Well I happen to know that the one done at Hobart Assembly was incredible. My boys learned so much about God and Jesus and serving their community. One night they had the kids help stuff bags for the food pantry and pack a bag for new mothers at The Answer. These are just a few things they did over the course of four days.

Now I asked my boys on Saturday which they would rather do…. BMX race which they LOVE… or VBS.. I was a bit shocked when they decided on the VBS. I only had one who really wanted to race, but when we told him he couldn’t yet, he was okay.

Here is how they had the place decorated:

VBS camping VBScamping2 vbscamping3 vbscamping4

calebanddavinwatermelon calebcatchingbubbles  davinwithkazoo davinbowlingatvbs


Here is the breakdown of how it went:

 Night one:

Serve Family

The story was about Joseph forgiving and feeding his brothers. Genesis 37 & 45

Night two:

Serve Friends  on this night they made owl bags filled with popcorn to invite a friend over for movie night.

The story of Jesus washing his disciples feet. John 13:1-17

Night three:

Serve Neighbors

Rebekah showed kindness to Abrahams servant  Genesis 24:1-27

Night four:

Serve Community- This is where the boys helped make bags for food pantry and bags for new mothers.

Gideon led God’s people in battle. Judges 6:1-16 and Judges 7:9-21

Night five (Sunday morning)

Serve Jesus- how fitting it fell on a Sunday!

Paul told about Jesus wherever he went. Acts 27 & 28


I am so glad that the boys did this. If you can find a local VBS doing this program. I recommend you take your kids. It is awesome!!

Better yet Click here to find an event near you


Grace for today.

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