64 Things to do during Summer

Summer is here Yeah! Some of you are thinking oh no summer’s here. What do we do??!?? I have a solution for you.
Little Learning Lovies has 64 ideas that you can implement into your home/day.
There are activities like a bug hunt, eat a watermelon, a glowstick bath time. What about sleeping outside?{though we all know it doesn’t really last ALL night}. Let’s make some rootbeer floats! There are many fun things to do with this set.
And it is only ready…… $1.00 right now!
64 Summer Fun Activities  (tweet this)
Yup, all this fun already wrote up for $1.00. 64 activities for less than a penny. Some activities might require you to spend some money, others are free. But they are already wrote up for you.. grab and go! How neat is that?? Don't want to print or assemble.. No problem. LLL does it for you for a small cost. Then you can begin your fin right away!

Tell me what are your plans for summer? Do you plan to try this product out?
Thanks for Grace for another day!

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