When life isn’t perfect

This has not been a good night/morning. First off the van my hubs drives to work broke down. The struts rusted/broke either way he was stuck at work and had to get a ride home. Which was VERY early in the morning..

Then he takes the “new” car to work and has to possibly go to Cleveland for a part.. there goes the weekend. We were to take our boys up to spend it with my in laws, but aren’t even sure we can do that now. Only time will tell what is going on.

It is in these moments that I know I cannot do it alone. The only One who can help is God and only by me getting on my knees and crying out can it be solved. Maybe this is part of my journey. Maybe this call to God is what it takes to get my family saved. Maybe this is where I need to let go and allow God to do his work.

What I do know is that I am hurting, my hubs is hurting and I can’t fix it. I also know that some hurt is what causes us to come closer to God. I only wish the process didn’t hurt

I can’t help his problems go away. I can’t help to make the problems smooth, I can’t even help get the car towed because there are so many rules governing who can and cannot go into his work. Therefore I shall turn to the one who can…


But Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”


Jesus never said he would eliminate all the chaos from our lives. He just said he would bring meaning to it. With this I also believe that our human nature must be put to rest for us to get past the chaos. In this chaos we are going through, only God can bring us out of it.

I will turn my eyes, heart and mind to him, hear him and see what He brings out of this chaos we are going through. It may be a small battle, but it will be a big Victory!


Grace today for what may come..



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