Teaching Consequences

I am not a person who likes to hand out discipline. Yet I had to teach my boys that their actions have consequences.It may also be that those consequences hurt. My brood decided to drench the cat in water…. Over and over…My heart broke. Broke because I failed them, they failed me and more importantly they failed God. They are supposed to be protectors. Protectors of all things especially our things which cannot really protect themselves.


It hurt my heart to have to discipline. It hurt my heart even more when they said they knew they were wrong, but thought it fun anyway.

It hurt my heart to know that I failed yet again. I want to set them on the right path, but also know that I myself need to ensure I am walking the right path. There is such joy and goodness and loveableness in them. My heart aches because I know one day, I can’t stop all that happens or even remind them of what could happen. All I can do is pray that God gives them a heart after him. That in their greatest need, they will rely on Him as David did.


How do you handle consequences?


Grace for another day,



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  1. natural consequences to action is very convenient.

    Sometimes one needs to adjust ones expectations.

    But sometimes one merely needs to discipline is a "this is bad in your eyes enough to make you think twice about doing it again manner). To say what you did is wrong, this is WHY it is wrong, and because you knew better (this is IF they did indeed know better) this is the consequence.

    is it easy to discipline? no.
    Is it necessary to do so?
    YES...especially if you love the one that you are disciplining.

    1. I think because this was really my first major disciple that I {<<< stress that} had to hand out it just hurt and broke my heart. I know that in order for them to grow strong and realize actions/consequences discipling/discipline is a must.
      Thank you for your insight and your thoughts.


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