Summer has arrived


SO it would seem that summer has finally arrived for Bogdan Boys! They are excited, but as they know learning never really stops. It just isn’t the main teaching.

I have I think decided on what we are going to do as far as our curriculum. I am hoping that I can find some online for cheap and hope that helps out with our budget. I am going to be a bit more diligent in teaching the boys the next coming year. We will be starting geography and history. Science is still daddy’s domain and well he best get on it :P


With the family getting together for Memorial Day, the rain, then being able to play some was a good time for us. I am glad that my in-laws got to come down and visit, even if my hubby had a busy weekend driving to Cleveland, coming home, working for hours on end.

I did however get to see these guys:




Are thy not the HOTTEST!!! I have been a big fan of Vin Diesel since he first hit the scene in Strays. His first major film though was Saving Private Ryan and from there he just morphed into this sexy well built man! {sorry hubs for drooling} Paul Walker is a hottie as well. He first came alive to me in Varsity Blues and then in She’s All That.

Anyway, this movie was good. I love cars, fast cars especially and the F&F always seem to deliver.With that being said I encourage those of you who LOVE fast cars to go check out this movie.You will enjoy it.


Give thank that we have Grace and mercy for another day



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