Sayings we say ….



Alright so it seems I have a habit of using certain sayings that don’t really mean what I say.

For instance when the boys were getting ready I said.. Sheesh ya’ll are killing me and Davin started getting very upset and saying mommy you aren’t dying are you??

The my hubby nicely says you’re frustrating me…. right… There are times where I love his sweetness, but this was not one of those times :P

So I wondered what other “slang” do I say that might have a negative affect on the boys? Or that they might take wrong? I’m not really sure I’ve never given it much thought until today when we had a mini melt down.

I also know there are times where I say Stop making that face or it’ll stay like that! Or Stop picking your nose before I cut off your hand.. What about STOP you’re making me crazy!!


I know I can’t be the only one who says these without even realize it until I’m corrected by the hubs or the children say something.

What phrases do you say that you try hard to erase from your vocabulary? .

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