Right Now…


I’m listeingin to Toby Mac….


Wondering why the boys are so quiet. {oh yeah they are SLEEPING!}

Relaxing from a great race ran by my boys last night! They did an awesome job! My Caleb came in FIRST place! This is very exciting news. He was going to be done racing {and I’m okay with that} because he was tired of getting beat by the bigger kids all. the. time. This week he raced kids his own age and WON! I am so very proud of him, even when he finishes last, but this just made him shine and WANT to do better. So, we’ll see how things go. If he decided he's done, then he's done. I wont force him.


I just love his faces and the outfits.



Brent came in Third and Second. He just won’t get out the gate fast enough. He’s afraid of falling, but then he has a hard time catching up. So… if he wants to work on it more, then I’ll help him, but I won’t force him.




Davin took First. He races on Strider bikes. Isn’t he the cutest??


We don’t race every weekend, but I do love the times when we race.


What do you do on your weekends?



Thank for the Grace for another Day…..



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