Oh Friday how I’ve missed you….


Well this week has been pretty good. I had to get a new phone yesterday. Mine totally stopped charging and well if it doesn't charge it don't work so great.

I ended up with a Samsung Galaxy 3… I am a techy girl.. our whole family is techy. We use tech A LOT to learn! I LOVED playing with my phone.



I LOVED playing with my phone. This phone has lots of cool features! I can check my email and tap the top of my phone to go back to the top of my emails.. HOW COOL IS THAT! I know I know I’m giddy over something silly, but I really am a techy girl! I even got my mom to buy one., now I have to shoe her how to use it. AND…. If I find a really cool APP, I can touch my screen to hers and tap the phone and it will transfer to hers .. Yeah I’m loving this phone.




We have been very restless here with the weather turning nicer The last couple days were 70-80’s.. yesterday and today its like 40’s we’ve got rain coming. Which I suppose is okay as it has given me time to browse through curriculum for next year. I want to stay relaxed as my boys don’t do well with too much structure, though I think I am leaning towards a curriculum that has the stuff prepped for me. Any ideas? Suggestions? Would LOVE some input on this. This is probably the hardest part for me in homeschooling. Making sure that I get something they can relate to. I’m looking at this curricula:



Also looking at Oak Meadow, which is an all in one curricula as well. They are accredited however. So I’m not sure which way to go as thy are both equally expensive. As was with all that I saw. Due to my husband and his unbelief of God, I am limited in what I can buy. I cannot buy anything that is strictly Christian. However, I can add in Bible teaching and Creation so long as I teach evolution. So., you see my dilemma.. I know the right one will come along in time, but it is a struggle to find good curricula that people have used.

The last few years we have not done “formal” curricula. I’ve done a mish mash of everything. I’ve used All About Reading and All About Spelling and that worked WONDERS! for the boys. SO maybe I don’t need an all in one, maybe I need to just wait on God to give it to me. We’ve done well with online math games, our leappad games which taught my then 3 year old his ABC:s and how to write them.

Have you started plans for next year? What are you looking for your child{ren}? I’d love to hear. Please leave a comment letting me know.


Grace for another day,


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