My Friend, and Author Ginny Aiken

I have a great friend, who is a lovely lady, and a writer. Ginny Aiken
She spoke at our Mother’s Day Banquet.
This wonderful lady is a great writer.. A Christian Writer… A Fiction Christian Writer! I love books.. LOVE Books! Her books have been fun, entertaining and heart warming.
Her latest series, Women of Hope, are amazing. She writes in modern day using some great women of the bible.
The first book in the series, For such a Time as This left me in tears with laughter and of pain.
Olivia Moore is an amazing woman of God who finds love in the funniest places and with a man who has been hurt and broken. Her love for God and family is something to cherish by all. Set in the 1800’s in a place called Bountiful in the Hope region of Oregon. She has come to realize that the drought is causing her family heartache and she finds work as a “nanny” excuse me a companion. This book has it all, a gun fight, worry, heartache, love and most importantly a reliance on God that we sometimes forget. This wonderful retelling of Ester in a modern way is fun and thoughtful.

I am waiting patiently for the next book to arrive out in June 2013. Just around the corner! YEAH! I am blessed to have a friend that writes, but I am more blessed because she is a friend. Once who has survived a great deal in her life and turned to books and writing to help see her through. Her story is one that most writers don't’ have to tell. It isn’t pretty and it wasn’t always easy. But she did have God on her side to help see her through and he will have many more books and fun times ahead for her.
I can’t wait to see what is in store when I open the next book! Remember Me When. This story was inspired by Abigail in 1 Samuel.

* I was not paid for my comments or thoughts on this book. Ginny has no idea I am even writing this review or posting it on my blog. I received NO Compensation for my thoughts or review. The links are my links and if purchased through them I get a small fee from Amazon.

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