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Well I caved! Yep I sure did and it may have been a good thing. My boys have seen bits and pieces of Super Hero Movies. We’ve watched abridged versions of Transformers, Iron Man, Batman. The stuff boys LOVE! Right? It’s all about the good guy getting the bad guy.

Well we took Brent to see IronMan 3 after he saw the trailer and was E-X-C-I-T-E-D! I mean every day is today the day we go? Today? Today? Oh I got fed up I created a calendar for him.

So Alex, Brent and I headed to the movies. We even made it a special treat. We saw it in 3d on the IMAX! Way cool for Brent. Popcorn, soda, candy the works. We figured if we were making it a special time for him, then it would be special.

I read Plugged In’s Review, which is great by the way for contemplating even movies for yourself. The rating was 2.5 plugs.

I knew going in that the movie would be violent, a bit sexual and some language. All of which Brent said.. that wasn’t nice.. he said a naughty word.. We had to explain to him that we weren’t alone and that he didn’t need to tell us every time.

Once the movie was over, we asked him about it. How was it? What did you like? Things to engage him. He wasn’t impressed with this movie as much as the others. This one was a bit scarier and seemed to me a bit more evil. I know its the plot and all, but some they could've done without. The burning and the red eyes were what he hated most. He loved the action.

We talked about super heros. What is real what isn’t. I don’t know that we’ll do more movies like this, but I do know it gave him a feeling of being older. I don’t know when he grew up, but I do know that in this world, he's growing up too fast, but I can’t shield him forever, He has to experience things to learn and make better choices as he gets older. I have noticed that even in Disney G movies things are a bit rough. All I can do is teach him the right way and proper way and hope he makes the best choice.


What were your thoughts on IronMan3? How do you handle Superheros in your home?

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