Menu Week of May 13 to the 19th


I am so thankful for our Menu plan. When most everyone in the house is feeling blah and Momma doesn’t feel like cooking.. I can just reach into the freezer and pull out something. Tonight it is meatloaf! I generally keep one or two frozen just in case.


Monday May 13th  Bacon Meatloaf. Thank you Pioneer Woman. 

Tuesday May 14th Steak & Hobo Potatoes on the grill.

Wednesday May 15th Since both Alex and My Dad have birthdays next week, we decided to do their dinner tonight. We are going to Gauchos Brazilian Restaurant. It is also half price night so it makes it cheaper, we get one free dinner and 2 of the three kids are FREE!! Yep this is the perfect time to go.

Thursday May 16th Veggie Night This will consist mostly of roasted veggies on the grill maybe any leftovers we have from previous nights.

Friday May 17th {Practice night} Chicken Tenders on Skewers

Saturday May 18th {Race Night} Hot dogs and hamburgers. Easy on the go food.

Sunday May 19th Alex’s Birthday. Not sure about this one yet.


What are your menus for the week?


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