Menu Monday errr Tuesday

Oh my I missed an entire day! Well it can happen in this season of life we are moving into.


Here is our Plan for the week.

Tuesday 5/7 Pad Thai Chicken –{I follow this recipe almost to the T except I don’t like the egg. I can’t eat it.}

Wednesday 5/8 Usually we go to my mom’s however, we will be staying home {I think} so I’ll have to whip up something.

Thursday 5/9 Veggie Day I just take whatever veggies we have either grill them or steam them, a salad and we’re done with dinner. Nice easy especially with summer coming.

Friday 5/10 Pineapple Pork Roast I make this in the Crockpot. Easy peasy and we’re done.

Saturday 5/11 BBQ Chicken, cornbread and sweet potatoes

Sunday 5/12 Happy Mother’s Day. We are doing a luncheon at my grandmothers house. Everyone brings a dish and we celebrate at her home.


That is the rest of our week… What about you What are you having?


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  1. My children are cooking for me for Mother's day so it will be a surprise. Just a long as I don't have o do it. A nice day off

  2. I hope you have a great day on Mother's Day. I can't wait for my boys to be older to cook for me. Thank you for stopping by.


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