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Summer is nearly upon us and so is that dreadful dreadful word that makes me cringe cause all I think of is MONEY.. VACATION! Why can that word make me cringe??

Well I’ve been thinking about it lately and I’m fairly certain that there are tons of things to do here around Northwest Indiana and maybe a couple hours east, west, south and maybe north, that won’t cause my wallet to break.

We do save for one big vacation, but since Hubs has three weeks, it can get to be a bit much. This year I’ve decided we should do things close to home or a night away that wont cause a hole in our accounts.

We’re only an hour from Chicago, hour and half from South Bend, 2.5 hours{3 if you drive like me} from Indianapolis. I’m sure there are tons of things that I can find for us to do. Not only that but we have Waterpark Passes and that alone will be heaven for the boys.

A trip to Portage Riverwalk might be fun. I say might because I have a very strong dislike of sand.. It tends to get EVERYWHERE!

Michigan City has a quaint little zoo, Washington Park Zoo that is across from the beach and a park. It would be a great all day event. Zoo, picnic, swimming, park.. {i get shivers though thinking of all that sand}

An overnight trip to Indianapolis to the Children’s Museum would be a great idea too. I’d LOVE to take the boys to Great America, but they might be a bit young yet..

We have a Triple A Baseball team close by as well… Gary Southshore Railcats



We also have great little parks around us that would be perfect for a day to just play and picnic.


I suppose it won’t be too hard to come up with some great ideas for having fun without spending a fortune.

What are your plans for the summer? Do you do mini staycations? What is your favorite?

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