Blessed with a Christian Father


I am so blessed that I never thought about it until recently. Papa’s birthday is today.



I never knew that the one man in my life until I married would be my biggest measuring stick.

When I was little I don’t remember my dad being around too much.. not because he didn’t want to be but he worked. He worked at the Steel Mill and worked swing shift. I remember my dad rebuilding a 69 Dodge Charger, and it was a pride for him. As I got older, his free time was spent playing ball. I remember the good times.. trips, Great America, Kings Island.. and the bad.. a whipping for setting the backyard on fire.. disappointment when I didn’t marry first before living with guy.

These are the things that stick out most. What I realized here lately is that he was young too and not perfect, but as he is wiser in God now, he is a rock. He has loved us through everything! Through job loss, hard times rough times. He and my mom have always been together. They might not see eye to eye, but they see things out together and with God.

My boys have a Christian father Figure. The boys have their daddy whom I love very much and I know one day will be saved. Until then I am glad that my Dad is their to show them what a Christian man is.


Happy Birthday Dad!


Love your Daughter..



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