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So I think I’ve posted something similar to this before, but I’m gonna post about it again. In one of my homeschool group that i am in, a lady had asked about “structuring” her day. Now if any of you know me, I am NOT a Strict Structure type person. I like lists and to do items and things I MUST accomplish, but that is as far as I can go.

We tried the workboxes, folders, having a schedule, this must be done by blada time and so forth. Well that doesn't quite work for my boys. They just aren’t those types of learners. They are very hands on. So our days tend to go something like this:


5:00 AM Daddy gets up

5:30 am Daddy leaves for work

5:45 Mommy is slowly trying to make her way out of bed

6:15 up and having coffee {who else MUST have coffee in the am??}

6:45 printing anything I want boys to work on, picking up throw in laundry- which I detest by the way

7:30 boys are slowly waking up

8:30 am all boys up and want food

8:45 sitting downstairs usually watching Science Channel or Food Network{ my oldest just LOVES this channel} or a cartoon, depending on our mood

9:30 breakfast done, dishes in sink starting our day by playing, usually puzzles, Legos, or painting

10:00 if I have something “formal” I want them to do this is when we do it. Worksheets, book work, specialized reading

10:45 snack time

11:00 computer time now for the most part I allow by boys to play on certain websites they must do 1 educational game for every fun game they play. This is our rule. Site I use are Disney, Nick Jr, Cool Math, PBS Kids, Nat Geo Little Kids, Wonderopolis {fairly new site for us so we do it together.} Knowledge Adventure, Kaboose, Jumpstart These are just some there are so many out there.

12:30 lunch we sit and have lunch together if its nice we might be outside if not we get on Netflix find something we can all watch usually something Like Big Machines

1:30 outside if its nice {which last couple days has been} we clean the yard, ride bikes, go around the neighborhood. You can learn a lot of the area you live, just by taking a walk. 20 questions can arise out of a single walk. Not all of us are able to live in really cool areas and have fun stuff to do all the time, but I  do live near a college school and that does have some advantages. They have some really neat flowers that the boys like to look at and try to name. they have come up with their own names and are pretty cute.

3:00 fruit/veggie snack this is the one time where I am very adamant that the snack must be a fruit or veggie. it is close to dinner time

3:30 computer time again one education game for every fun game.

5:00 Dinner time the boys love to help cook so if its possible we do this together. This is some great science math and just over all learning time. They learn by everything that they do. There is no wrong way to teach your child. the only wrong thing is not to follow their lead.



Some children learn better by strict structure, some learn by hands on, some learn by seeing, some learn by seeing and doing. My boys learn best by doing. It is how they were made. I did not force them to learn this way and for me to force them to sit at a table or desk for 3 hours at a time and do “schoolwork” is me not taking the time to listen and see how they learn.

We are relaxed in our schooling. When they boys want to learn something they ask and we are more than happy to explain and get into details about it. {unit studies} They learn by seeing and playing in the world they live in.

They learn that the best time to learn is when we are with family. They learn when we go to the grocery store, the pet store or any where else for that matter.

How do I know they are learning? A test won’t tell me that. A test will make them nervous, sick and do horribly. I know they are learning because we talk EVERY SINGLE DAY. Do I want them to keep up with public school? No I don’t. I want them to learn, retain and utilize what the are learning. If i think we need to be specific in an area then I do take the time out of our day to teach them.

I document our days with pictures. That is my record keeping. That works for us for now. It may not in the future, but I’m okay with that. For today, I’ll play with my kids a little more and have good fun.





How do your children learn? How do you handle the questions from well meaning family and friends?


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