Whom do you Raise?

Do you raise Leaders or Followers? What if you raise both?

In a world where there is so much confusion, anger, unholiness, evil and hate; we need to ensure our boys are leading and following in a manner that is worthy of praise and honor. Recently I heard this quoted, "”we raise leaders in this family. But if you're not going to be a leader, we at least need to help you know who to follow."

What do you think? How do you raise good followers? We are to be good followers of Christ. How are we to do that? We study his word. SO how to we as parents, transition this to our children? How do we as a believing parent and non believing parent raise our boys to be leaders? We are not perfect and our children, especially boys, need to know that it is okay to fail, but to keep trying.

We are the first teachers of our boys. What they see us do, they will ahem.. FOLLOW! Now, do we want to show them that when we are angry we hit, bite, etc? or show them that while it is okay to be angry, we do not use our WORDS or BODY to cause hurt to someone else. They lead by following a great leader… How can we expect our boys to be great leaders if we aren’t one ourselves? What do we show them when we are sitting all day in front of a tv or computer or phone or game or  well you get the idea.

When my boys ask me to play or do something with them, my first response should be yes. It isn’t always. It can be a wait a minute, not right now. What does this convey to them? I hope and pray and am working on this area in my life. Why? Because I want my boys to be great leaders, but if they are followers, I want them to be great followers!

Christ asked us to be followers of Him….

  And He said unto them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Matthew 4:19

Even Christ asked us to follow him. He was a great leader. A leader who showed us what us as followers ought to be doing. Therefore, I want my boys to be great leaders and followers. I want to be the example that Christ was for me.

I often fail at this daily, but that doesn’t mean that some part of my leading isn’t rubbing of on them. I know that in time, I will have raised wonderful men.

But for now, I’ll keep on pressing on and making mistakes, asking for THEM and GOD to forgive me. I will go each day and work harder to be a better leader for my boys to follow.



What ideas or ways to you help your boys to become great leaders or followers?


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