Terrific Tuesday


Doesn’t the name sound so great! I am hoping that this week stays as good as it has been. I am hoping to get the garden planted. The boys and I started some plants from seeds and then Papa came over to till the garden. Now I’m ready to plant!

Our plants are also ready to be planted.


This is just a couple days after planting.     


Check out those beans! This is 3 days after plating them



This is one week after planting.



This is about 12 days after we planted our seeds.



This is the end of our indoor planting. Davin and Papa tilled the garden so we could get ready to plant this weekend.


Who says that you don’t learn anything while living life? My Boys learned how to till a garden, plants don’t have to be watered every single day. That sun is a must for plants to survive. And momma is growing an indoor Raspberry Bush, which is moving outside this weekend as well.


Are you ready to plant? What do you have planned for the week?


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  1. Ours were doing good and then...well I'm not real sure what happened other than they where fine when I went to bed and some of them ended up not looking so good the next morning. After a couple of days a few of them died but we still have plenty left. Now if we can just get it to stop snowing outside.

  2. I agree with the stop snowing. Here we've had a coupe 80's and now we are heading back into the 40's and lots of rain.


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