Everyone goes through them, some changes affect you more than others. I know that this season for our family is one of adjustment. Not just for the boys, but for me as well. For so long I have struggles to find who I am and where I fit in.

I was sent a great friend and our season of life changed. We each went in a different direction. Then I was given another set of friends and it seems that my season with them is over. Which brings me to the question…. Where do I go from here?

I have never been one to make changes or friends that easily. Neither do my boys. But what I do realize is that they need more who are their age. Boys, girls doesn’t matter. What I realized today was my boys are growing up. They are much older than those at M&M”s{Not that this is a bad things} but it does mean they need different things. Most of them are younger.. 3 and under younger. This is not a bad thing, but when they are all girls.. well.. my older boys just don’t quite fit in.

SO as this season changes for us, it is a transition that I welcome but at the same time am afraid. I know that my path is ordered, but I'd really like an idea of where that path is going. Venturing into the unknown is a hard concept for me. Leaving the details to someone else is a hard concept, but one that I know if we are to move into a new season, it has to happen.

I have no advice to offer to myself or anyone else. I know that only one person can answer my question. I also know that it is okay to feel stuck to question God, but not to despise him for the new season. Trust is what He is expecting and I will give it to him, but I know that I will keep assuring myself that he did choose wisely.


What season of Life are you in?

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