Learning at the Pet Store


This weekend we as a family spent the day out and about. We first went and had lunch at Golden Corral. Now for those of you who have boys who are hungry ALL. THE. TIME. this is a great place to go. Why you ask, well for one, it is a buffet! They can eat ALL THEY WANT!! Hot dog and it isn’t costing me a small fortune. Going here is a real treat.


I just LOVE the way they are so into the food they are eating.. Davin is so lovin’ his ice cream, he’s closing his eyes..

GC Icecream GC Daddy

Look at all the ice cream.. The Hot fudge was soo hot it melted ALL the ice cream in his bowl. Daddy just stuffed the last of his cone in his mouth. Looks a bit like a chipmunk


After we finished out lunch, we headed to the pet store for some items for our cat. We The hubby is looking to toilet train him. However, we didn’t find what we were looking for. We did however, find some animals to talk about during our “visit”



“playing chase in the store”


Bearded Dragons The first is an adult the second are babies. This is what the boys wanted to come home with us. I don’t think so.



A Hamster, that if came home with us, I’m sure would be eaten by the cat. And of course the Lovely Ball Python.

I can safely say if this came to our home, i would NEVER have my parents over. My mom just wouldn’t be able to handle knowing there was a snake in the house.


Due to these animals we had to look up where they “lived” why we could buy them, where they came from and why we couldn’t have them in our home! Who knew that a trip to the pet store could inspire so many questions!!

I am grateful that they can learn through every day occurrences. I am happy we have the chance to teach them. I love using real life learning.



What have you learned from the Pet Store?

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  1. That's cool that you were able to learn about the different animals in the store. It's like a free visit to a mini zoo.


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