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Recently a very close family member was diagnosed with cancer. Breast cancer to be exact. While I do not know what stage, I do know that they are doing an MRI to see if it has spread to her lymph nodes and such. While I don’t have this personally, it will be a huge deal to our boys. I know some of you may even be thinking why tell your boys about it at all. Well… we see Auntie on a regular basis and by regular I mean as often as 3-4 times a week.  

So how do I explain to them what this very serious issue can do?  Do I explain it to them or let them hear it while we are talking about it?I do realize they are a bit young, however, we cannot stop the world from happening and would rather they hear it from us before anything bad *could* happen. {You know they always give worse case scenarios first}

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There is so much information out there.  You have the Susan G Komen foundation, they have a race coming close to us in May. may 12,th to be exact It is the Chicago 2013 Race for the Cure I”ve thought about this when it was here in Indianapolis this coming weekend. But I’m not in the bestest shape. I know it shouldn't stop me, and now with this happening, maybe this is the jumpstart I need. okay.. back to my story this isn’t about me….

I think the Komen foundation might have the most and probably best information I’ve found. If you’ve found other, please let me know.

So many things that could happen. So many things that could not happen. We are praying for God to lay his hand on her. However, there may be a reason this happens. It may bring some family members closer to the family again and closer to God. We don’t know why this has happened. What we do know is that there is a plan and it is God’s.


I want to be open to questions from the boys and mostly I know it will be Brent who has the most. He is my curious cat. he wants to know about everything! Is it real, fake, can it happen on earth, does it only happen to humans.{ I don’t know why he doesn’t call the people} . I know that this can and will be beaten in God’s time. I also know that the time spent together will be more special. I know that this has caused me to do some thinking about how I want our boys to view serious issues. I also know that not everyone has a great support system or family. maybe I can work that into something for my boys to see. That the cards we make and send to people really can cheer them up. That getting a card from someone thinking about them is the same as them being there asking about their day.


Another thing this has caused me to look at is me. I know I said this wouldn’t be about me, but essential it could be me. Breast Cancer runs in my family. If I don’t take care of myself now, and try to help prevent it, keep on top of my body and my health. This can turn into me.


How do you handle sensitive issues with your children, whether they are younger or older? I’d love to have some feed back on this matter.






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  1. I think it is ok to explain it to them. They need to know that it could result in many doctor visits. They may be a little sad but I don't think you need to only give them the doom and gloom. Breast cancer is very treatable when caught early and they can learn a little bit about it. We told our boys that they were sick and needed to see the doctor to hopefully make them all better. It never got to the point where we had to discuss worse case scenario with them and I hope it doesn't come to that with you. Good luck to Auntie!

  2. *by they I don't mean the boys. I mean the other family member.


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