Happy Earth Day!


Golly it seems like we have a “holiday” for everything! That’s okay though- I think.


The boys and I did some cleaning today. We took all their bedding off, wiped down the beds, sprinkled baking soda on the bed and then put the sheets and blankets back on.

We also did this craft from DLTK.  { I seriously need to take more pictures}

Then we made Leftover Jambalaya… I took whatever we had in our leftover containers and made that for dinner.

I printed out this sheet from

Nonny's Park Clean-Up Maze


As we talked more about Earth Day, the boys wondered why we don’t recycle. Well that is a very good question and I have an answer. Most people won’t like it. You’re too lazy or you should pay more attention… yep I’ve heard it all and it’s okay to have your opinion. Here is why *I* don’t recycle.


I live in a very large city of 80,000 people. Our recycling is picked up every two weeks on a Tuesday. It must be put in the front yard near the road {not with our garbage cans near the alley} It must be out before 4 am. So far not an issue, well the 4 am thing but whatever, I could put it out the night before. Our card board boxes must be broke down, fit nicely in a brown paper bag and be tied with twine. Our newspapers must be in a brown paper bag nicely tied with twine as well. Our Glass bottles, must be rinsed and washed with bleach, put in a brown paper bag. Our plastics, must fit nicely in a plastic bag. Our tin cans must stack in a brown paper bag nicely. If for any reason none of these are followed, your recycling WILL. NOT. BE TAKEN!! Yes I am dead serious. I know this because I called to ask the city why my recycle wasn’t picked up… and they knew exactly who I was when I called. They mark this stuff down! This is too much work to recycle.


My aunt who lives in a much smaller town that I do has a nice large GREEN TRASH CAN for her recycle. She just thrown it all in there. Now, why is it impossible for a city of 80,000 people not be able to do this? Apparently in the area I live in, its a big deal. My county is very large yet we don’t recycle as much as the next county who is smaller in size. Well if most of the towns are like mine {and they are} it isn’t a wonder there isn’t as much recycling going on.

It can’t be that hard to separate, in fact if more than 1/3 of the state has this type of recycling, why doesn’t my county? I think its pure and simple laziness. Anyway…


I did talk to the boys about ways at home we try to help out. We always turn lights off when we leave a room, we never leave the TV on just because{ or at least try not to} We don’t use paper plates or paper napkins. I try to reuse a majority of our glass bottles/containers for other things. Holding our pencils/pens/markers. I don't use dryer sheets or harsh chemicals.

So I may not be 100% on this recycling thing, but we do our thing and that matters.

What did you do today?




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