Coffee for a Cop

Or Firefighter or EMT.

Somewhere Splendid called out on their twitter after the Boston Suspect was caught for all her friends family to spread the word about honoring an officer with a cup of coffee to let them know we appreciate them EVERY SINGLE DAY! Not just when a major issue happens. so.. in following her ‘callout” I am issuing one to my followers, family and friends. For the next week, go out of your way to “Buy a Cup for a Cop”

Better yet, get a gift card for Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, or your local coffee joint Take it to the station in  the cute holder that Somewhere Splendid made and drop it off. I know that I plan on taking my boys and doing this for our local Fire Station {its very close}


I hope that you too will join in and honor those who protect us.

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