Valentine for the Hubby


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There are so many things out there to find on the web for a “perfect” date for you and your hubby. There are many things I’m sure you can buy for your husband, but what about thinking outside the box?

Sure you could go buy any one of the following:

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Why spend money? Take the time to make his favorite meal. Or take a favorite of his like JalapeƱos and cover them in chocolate. Try something new. Go for a walk, rub his back. Things you don’t do for him on a daily bases. Make him remember why he fell in love you. What did  you do on your first date? What movie did you see? Set up a picnic in your living room and play that same movie.

When you think about the effort you want him to put into your Valentine, why not go the extra mile for his? You love him just as much as he loves you.

Make it just as much about him as it is about you.

Have a family? Make a family oriented meal. Find something you all like and have each person add a special touch. Let your 5 year old make a Valentine sign. Let your teenager make an awesome mocktail. Let your toddler, dip strawberries in chocolate. Does it really matter if he gets it everywhere as long as you are having fun.

Make this Holiday yours. I know I plan on making it special for ALL my boys! 

How awesome does this look?? Who wouldn’t want to eat it right?

What a fun way to end the evening watching a movie with your family. I can't wait to finish up my ideas. What are your plans?


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