Punky Phil….

I swear my kids are hilarious… We have been talking about Punxutawny Phil and Thing Two says, we should just call him Punky Phil.. at least it’s be easier.

Here is what we are working on this week.
This is what we’ve been working on.. Groundhog Day ideas and units.
 We also did some BOB Books worksheets. ThingThree knew all the letters, but we are just know learning words. So this was fun for him. Some he traced, some he colored, made designs. All the while asking “what word is this” What word is this? What about this one. MOM!!! I need to learn these. It was funny.
Once we finished we went back to the Punky Phil website. Learned more information about groundhogs. Reminded me that Granny has groundhogs and we could go root them out of hiding.<---- This from ThingTwo.
I say we, when in all actuality, I put it up on the “big” Computer screen {my tv}and the two older read, and ThingThree repeated after me.
All in all in was fun. We had a good time learning about Groundhogs and that they are right by us.

Thank you to the following ladies for the use of their worksheets:
Enchanted Homeschooling Mom,
 Teach with Laughter
Blessed Beyond a Doubt
{the Amazon link is an affiliate link}

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