Monday Menu


I might just be early this week! WOO HOO!


So my week is going to be busy! I have an Awesome little boys who is having Jake & The Neverland Pirate Party on Saturday! He is happy! Technically ThingThree doesn’t turn 4 until the 6th of March, but we are celebrating early.


Here is how our week breaks down:


Baked Chicken & salad

Spaghetti & meatballs, garlic bread

Pork chops, veggie & Salad

BBQ Chicken Wings & homemade potato chips

Gramma’s on Wednesday {almost always go there on Wednesdays}


Birthday Party

Sunday is either at my mom’s or whatever I feel like pulling out {most always like this}

Nothing fancy this week as I have to finish our decorations.{making most by hand} put the goody bags together, get my menu finished and shopped for.

What does your menu look like for the week?

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