Children Learn what They LIVE!

So I was browsing around the internet lately {who doesn’t anymore.} when I happened across some blogs talking about family, discipline, love and other stuff when I was reminded of a poem that I heard.
Children LearnI do not know where this poem came from. If anyone knows the author, please let me know so I may give correct credit.

I know that at times, I do not listen to my boys as well as I should. I do know that we are trying. We are human and we do make mistakes. Owning up to those mistakes, also shows character to our boys. No one parent is correct all the time. No one child is perfect all the time. If God above can forgive us our sin and love us unconditionally, should we not want that same love, respect, and obedience for and to our children?
We do not need to be our child’s best friend. They need someone to correct them when it is needed, guide where they should and most of all LOVE them. 

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