Change your Name Day


I really cannot believe that this is a holiday! {SMH}

Someone was really angry about their name. Now I might allow my kids to choose a name to be called for this particular day, but they are NOT legally changing their name. It was hard work picking out that name. All the frustration that comes with the “right” name.

Did you know that the flower of the day is Cypress Vine? or that the recipe of the day is Blueberry teacake? Yeah me either. However, I think I might like the recipe of the day thing.

And if you have stuck with reading this long, I want you to know that I am doing well in my endeavor to run a half marathon. This working out stuff and eating right stuff is HARD work! I feel as if my goal is so far off, but I am sticking it through and will see results.

How are you doing on your goals or resolutions from the New year?

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