Why do we have to use labels?



As I stalk read other bloggers, I wonder why we feel it necessary to define the type of “schooler” we are. Whether we are traditional, Charlotte Mason, Eclectic, Unschooler and so on.

I know that for my family there are times where textbooks do not cut it! A boxed curriculum would absolutely kill my boys creative freedom. I also know that there are times where guided teaching is needed. Most families are not just “ONE” type of schooler. They are several, yet one stands out the most. As for my family… we are LIFE SCHOOLERS!

oatmeal bars

I say that because they are learning every. single. day. They are learning how to use math when cooking, colors when helping with laundry. Learning to use a broom, mop, that mistakes happen, but need to be picked up and spoken about and redone correctly. They are teaching in and of themselves. We are learning about the world we live in through life.

floor learning

We are messy, we are loud, we are chaotic, we are happy, we are sad, we are frustrated, we are angry, but we still learn. We learn that mommy and daddy aren’t perfect, they don’t know everything, they say sorry when they have done wrong.

We have shown our children what it means to love. You can’t learn that in a textbook. We’ve shown them what it means to play. You won’t find that in a schoolroom. We’ve shown them how to make messes when baking. You definitely won’t find that in a public school.

We’ve shown them that when things go wrong at home, you learn to fix it or call Papa and Uncle Mike to come help, then ask 20 and 1 questions about it.

dad n boys laundry

Why are we labeling ourselves? Why are we trying to conform to one way of schooling? I realize one way works well for most families, but isn’t the point of homeschooling to figure out how to teach our children best? Not to compare how we are against others. To measure our selves with one another.

I am glad that my children learn outside of the box. I am glad that they want to play, learn, live, laugh and be happy.

Whether you struggle or not isn’t the issue. The issue is finding out the right way to teach your child{ren}. They will always lead you in the way to go. Do not conform to what the public/private school system is doing or says what is right. When they are ready to learn, they will soak it up with a force you cannot fathom.

Enjoy them, love them, kiss them , hug them.

That is the best thing you can do for your child{ren} while they are at home doing Life School!

There are several blogs that I do follow regularly. That doesn't mean I agree 100% with how they teach. I like what they offer, pull it into our own day and let it go from there.

Here are a few Blogs about unschooling that I enjoy.

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Here are “traditional” homeschool/school blogs that I read and enjoy.

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Confessions of a Homeschooler

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Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers

While this is not a complete list of blogs that I read or browse through.. it is to give you an idea of blogs that are our there.

Don’t let others or even yourself bring you down for not labeling how you school. Just have fun!

It’s great to be a homeschooler…..



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