I love LOVE finding great ideas around the web.. and seeing as I’m very challenged in the aspect of being able to create my own cute worksheets and or packets.. {I could really use some help in this area!}

I found a cute OW & OW sounding sheet at This Reading Mama. It was perfect sine we just got a truckload of snow dumped on us… {YUCK}..

I knew that my boys would enjoy this snowplow game. We have been reviewing sounds, and this worked great for us.

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I took and put each of the snowplows on different colored sheets to help us separate the sounds.

I kept going over the sounds with the boys before I even brought out the words Reading Mama supplied. I would ask if they knew words that rhymed with each sound.

Here is ThingThree asking if he can do it too…



I did give him a word {cow} , I said he, he repeated it, then I asked him where it should go. He said.. “on a farm!” talk about laughter! I repeated the question, but added which word does it rhyme with?? That was much easier he said PLOW!!{ really loudly}

Here is our finished product:


Notice the “BOW” in the middle? Well… since both boys were correct in that it could go with plow and snow… we stuck him in the middle.

I even added some math into this project, by having the boys tally the number of cards on each sheet.

I made a tally sheet, that you can download here.

It’s great to be a homeschooler….

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