Mommy Pity Party?

***Please remember this post is not meant for attention. It is just a post on how I am feeling and what I am going through and how to deal with it.
Maybe, just maybe that might be me.
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Okay. Yep that’s me right at this moment. Why? I can’t really say. I’m not hormonal. I’m not unhappy, but I’m not happy either.
I can’t say how I feel except that I feel lost. Alone. Angry. Not depressed that I can't function, but I have realized that I can get that way. Not very often, but like now.

I would say the following probably set it in motion
  • TLC’s What Not to Wear
  • That fact that Mickey Mouse Club House is all that is ever on.
  • Feeling overwhelmed by trying to lose weight
  • Trying to find a good balance with the laundry and the boys, the house, food, cooking, etc
  • Removing clothes that don’t fit.
  • Realizing that even though I have only lost 5 lbs in the last month, I still have LOTS to go
  • Wondering if I am parenting correctly
  • Worrying about what others may think
  • Wondering why I care so much about what others think
  • Realizing that I really am alone where I live.

Yep, I think that about sums it up. There is my pity party in nice cute little bullets. Though right now nothing is cute but this blog.
See this is me :) Not really but you get the gist.
I have big huge drops of tears listening as the boys play on my bed. I constantly wonder what God was thinking when he gave my 3 boys. I suppose it could be worse. I could have girls {shudder}.

So how do I handle the issues
that are being thrown at me?

  1. Cry.. and I mean really really cry. Pour out what is wrong either on paper or just by saying it out loud. {make sure you are all alone, don't want the kids to worry}
  2. Write a list of what you can change.
  3. Write a list of the things you cannot change.
  4. take those lists and write out a plan to help you accomplish the things you can change.
  5. Find someone who can help you be accountable to those lists. It must be someone you trust completely.  Because not all of the issues are going to be pretty.
  6. Get on your knees ask God to help you.

There are many many reasons for a pity party and we as women know that we like to have pity parties.

Some could be depression {and if this is you Please please get help} I can say I have not experience true depression. Can I get depressed, yes. Could I let it run my life? Yes But I know that I have three wonderful crazy boys who need me more than the depression does.

Some pity parties are due to Aunt Flow.. You know the one.She can be a regular pain {pun intended}. She likes to show up right around the first week of every month and thank goodness she’s only here for a day or two.

Some pity parties are well just poor poor pitiful me. These are the ones that are meant for everyone to pay attention to me. My life is so awful….  woe is me. He only shows up when things are really going the way WE want it to go or think it should go.

Then there are the pity parties that just need to happen because well.. they just do! Darn it.

Mom’s have lots on their plates. They are many “job” rolled into one and take on lots of responsibility.

Here are just a few:

  1. Housekeeper
  2. Chef
  3. Event Planner
  4. Teacher
  5. Accountant
  6. Chauffer
  7. Nurse
  8. Referee
  9. Psychologist

Boy that is one long list of “jobs” for a Mom. That doesn’t even include what mom has to do for herself to insure that she is on top of her game. When she isn’t on top of her game, she throws a pity party. Most times they don’t last but a few hours.

If for some reason they last longer. Lordy be look out! {okay that may only be true for me but still…}

Should you feel the need to still pity party.. go outside and YELL at the top of your lungs, neighbors might think your crazy, but I just bet you might feel better.

If you still don’t feel better, call a friend, call God or call a doctor. One of them can help.

I know who I’m calling… Do you?


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