Hating APP{le}S!!

Now, I’m sure most of you are wondering how I could possibly hate apps. Well, it really isn’t that hard. Not everyone owns and IPAD!!!
There are lots of Android users out in the homeschooling world I’m sure. I am tired of getting emails for “GREAT APPS” and find they only pertain to Apple users. To me, Apple isn’t all that great. I love my Nexus 7. I can download an app, tap my hubby’s N7 and wallah.. he has the SAME APP!

I suppose my frustration comes from companies who only have apps for the IPAD.. They have all these great deals, but what about us Android users? I’ve even seen it for certain Homeschool apps, that are IPad only. I have to say I’m a bit frustrated and upset that these companies only cater to one group.

I realize not every good app is free. So, to help combat my hate for Apple, I have been trying out and downloading Android Apps to our Nexus 7.
Here are the ones that my boys LOVE:

Cut the Rope FULL FREE
Cut The Rope {free}
I have to say this game is a bit of a challenge. You have to get the candy off the rope into the waiting monsters mouth. It’s not as easy a sit sounds.
Kindergarten Kids Math Lite
Thing Three LOVES playing on this app. I love him playing on it. It teaches Math using balls.
My Spelling
This app helps with spelling You can put in your own spelling list, or the app can create one for you.
Kids Numbers and Math Lite
This has helped my boys starting out with their numbers. Now it is helping with adding.

Eggy 100
Has the first 100 sight words. A fun and engaging app for 3-5 year olds.
Animal Train First Words:
We haven’t played this much, but it goes through common words that you come in contact with in everyday. Like Purple, Pink, etc.
We just like looking through this app. At times we can find some pretty interesting stuff.
Play N Learn Clock
Good app for learning to tell time, especially if you are just starting out. This has been good for ThingOne and ThingTwo.
Rocket Word
Have to fire the rocket at the correct word
Skater Boy
Speed up, jump, do tricks.. all the stuff little boys LOVE doing!
Subway Surfer:
You have to collect coins, avoid the trains.
You have to learn when to jump, when to roll and when to move over. Pretty neat game.
Where’s My Perry? Free
My boys are always playing this app. You have to help save Perry. You have to make room for the water to help Perry shoot down the tube.
Fruit Ninja Free
{ I LOVE THIS APP} This app is so much fun! It teaches coordination, counting time, watching for many things to happen at once. It has 3 different levels. Beginners can play without worry about bombs. Good hand eye coordination.
While we haven’t used this yet, I am super excited. The free version comes with just two books. I am looking forward to using the app this week.
This is what we havce and I suppose it is fine, but I do know there are many apps that we like that we cannot get. I hope this helps others who have androids instead of IPAD.
What apps do you enjoy for fun? For education?
Please let me know. I’d love to find some more for my boys.

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