is a BIG deal in our house!

The favorite here is





So we will be eagerly watching to see what happens when they play the 49ers.

Green Bay has not lost to the 49ers since well never…. Okay maybe never is a strong word, at least since 1996 they have not lost to them in playoffs.

Another great game going on today is….


Broncos vs Ravens

I am very much a Peyton Manning fan.. Not a Bronco fan. Therefore I must technically root for the Broncos and since the Ravens knocked out the Colts, well.. I like them even less.

The rest of the weekend match ups this week are really worth mentioning, but I will since it is football and the playoffs!

On Sunday we have the Seattle Seahawks vs.  Atlanta Falcons. Totally pulling for the Falcons here. Especially what happened the last  time the Packers and Seahawks met.


Then we have the Houston Texans vs  New England Patriots. Texans here are the team we root for! Tom Brady is very over rated and I would LOVE to see him taken down many many times!

There ya go for our weekend. What’s your plan? Do you watch football even if your team isn’t playing? Do you watch the Super Bowl? Does it not even cross your mind?

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