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FOOD!!! Everyone loves food! By everyone I mean the United States because let’s face it, we eat way more than most countries see in a year. May be exaggerated but you get the drift.

However, if you go back to an article in the NY Times, WOAH buddy do we eat a lot of garbage/processed food.

One of my “GOALS” this year is to run a half marathon. For some, this isn’t a big deal. For me, this is HUGE! I have never ran in my entire life. So as I sat in church, listening about the fasting, praying and what God wants in our lives, I know that he does not intend for us to be gluttons or overweight. He did not intend for us to be lazy self centered people.

Therefore, I have given myself a goal that I intend to complete by Sept/October of this year. With smaller goals to get me there. If you set one large goal and never set small ones, will you even make your large goal? I think not. So as the month is ending, and I’m checking my weight every 3 days, I find that I am stuck.

AM I stuck because I have given up? No I’m stuck because when I decided to do a 3 day Daniel Fast, The Devil decided that would be the time to attack. Well, he can attack all he wants, I KNOW what my goal and my plan is. I know that God never intended for all this fat, laziness, or gluttony to be a part of us.

God called for us to be watchers of our body, mouths, hearts and eyes, ears, and our soul.

It isn’t easy. God did not say I will pave a gold road for you and it will be easy to follow me. He told us to take up our cross daily! He never said there wouldn’t be trials, tribulation or pain. He said I will be with you.

Therefore, when I start my day, I start it with my heart and eyes on God and know that whatever may happen to try to impede my goal, he will always be there. I just need to look at Him.

When my pipes decide that they are going to clog and try to cause me trouble. I will look upon the Lord, and say.. You ere cleared by HIM once, be clear again. When I use HIS mighty name, it shall be as He has made it.

I will make it to my goal and I know that i can only do that with God’s Help.

What Main goal are you trying to reach? How many little goals have you set for yourself?

It’s Great to be a homeschooler….


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  1. I tend to overeat which is not healthy for me-cholesterol and blood pressure problems. Yesterday in the shower I realized that the only way that I will eat healthier is by keeping my eyes on Him and staying in his Word.

    Thanks for sharing-very encouraging.


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