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I am not much of a comic book person really… I like them. I like Fantastic Four, Spiderman, you know the classics. My brother was an avid Comic Book Collector. He has comics, I’ve never heard of. So, when I went looking through them with my boys, they were EXTASTIC! Yet they have no idea who most of these characters are. What excited them was the coloring the bubbles, the fighting {gasp}

 Captain America COmic

Now, I know that I cannot stop my boys from that aspect of life. They were built by God for that purpose. As warriors. With that comes the “need” to fight, rough house, cowboys & Indians, cops & robbers… The stuff we did as a kid that now our kids want to do.


I have always wanted to keep my boys away from that, yet knowing deep down, I cannot. With that knowledge, we have tried to teach them the right and wrong of fighting, gun use, cops & robbers etc.

I get out a comic that I figure ThingTwo might like. He was overjoyed! He sat on the couch flipping pages, reading! I know right ! READING!!! I couldn’t believe it. I am happy! So I decide to do some investigating on this comic that I have pulled out.

sonic comic

I about jumped out of my seat when I saw what it was going for on ebay!  A comic book of all things… $49.99 Now, I’m not sure what I want to do more. Have ThingTwo continue to read or sell the silly thing!

I suppose this means I should check out the rest of the comics and see if there are any others that might be worth a penny or two. We will see where God takes this little adventure we are on!

Thoughts or comments about using comics for reading, life lessons, or anything else? Maybe I can get some Math out of them…

It’s GREAT to be a homeschooler…


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