A Darwin Day? Really???


  I just recently read an article by Ken Ham and I am thinking that we who are Christians, should be aware of.

The title of his post is called:

Will Congress Endorse the Religion of Evolution? 

After reading this, I am a bit scared as to where our country is headed. I know that things are going to get worse and in the end, we win. Still, it breaks my heart to see that there are people who will see nothing wrong with this.

I have nothing against science. God was our first scientist. Science is a great help for boys and their thirst for skepticism and knowledge all at the same time.

I advise you to take the time, to read his article. Also read the article about bill  HRES 41 IH. Mr Ham also posted a letter he received from American Humanist Association. This “group” sort of says it all doesn’t it? I’m sure that many “non-Christians” will be calling about the support of this bill. I suggest. I again suggest you read the things that are going on in our Congress and the bills being sent to them..

What are your thoughts?

It’s great to be a homeschooler………….


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