2012 and how we spent it


The boys and I had a great time counting down to 2013.

We started at 7:30 so that way I knew we would {hopefully} stay up and watch the ball drop.

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We started the night off by making our party hats and decorating our 2013 banners. Thing Three so reminds me of a Gnome right here. Isn’t he the cutest??

I just wanted to pinch his cheeks!





8:30 pm~~~~ Opening the bag to discover JUST DANCE!, Pixi sticks, beaded necklaces and GLOW STICKS! Boy was I either smart or not thinking by putting sugary snacks in the bag…. Anyway..

Just Dance was a blast! We had so much fun dancing our little hearts out. Tried to get Daddy to join in, but he had just come home from work and just wanted to sleep… Can’t blame him for that… {party pooper}


Due to the fact that we were dancing so hard we kind of missed 9:30. So… I let the boys open up the 9:30 and 10:30 bags, more glow sticks, glow rings, confetti, balloons to blow up so we could “drop” them at midnight.

Do you see my oldest in the picture on the right? He is so tired… At 10:50 pm he says, “mommy can we watch a movie before its time to drop the ball?” What’s a mommy to do… My heart wanted to say NO! We have to stay up… The rational side of me said WOO HOO…I led them all to the bedroom, even got Soda! for them and popcorn.. turned the movie on, didn’t even get to the end of the opening credits and ALL three were SNORING!!!

Can you believe it? Well, I am happy they made it as long as they did, Happy that I got to kiss my hubby Happy New Year. Glad that I was in bed by 12:01 and asleep a little bit later!

I cannot wait to see what in is store for us in 2013! I know that I have goals, plans but they don’t always work out My word for this year is MOTIVATION!

Motivate myself to get more organized, motivate myself to get healthier, motivate my boys to love their passions. Motivate myself to get in the word more.

Motivate myself to just move!

Happy New Year family, friends and everyone else!

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