What’re ya doing??



It seems like I’ve been hearing/seeing this a lot lately…. It makes me fell a bit like I’ve done nothing, nut we have been doing something….


It seems that the kids or maybe even I have a funk.Vacations seem to do that. I love being with my boys. I love teaching them. I LOVE them learning. So why does it feel as if I haven’t been doing that??


I think most of it is because we aren’t working out of a “book” We are reading.. learning to read… doing math problems using the LeapPad NFL Rush Zone game cartridge. Playing with Dora and learning Spanish. Learning more math with fun games. Playing UP with Carl and again learning!




We’re making Christmas cards for friends, family and our neighbors. We’re baking treats for the Library, The Firefighters/EMT’s and who knows else.

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aren’t they just so darn cute! :D

So I guess they are learning, just in a different sort of way. I know that I should never compare my children to others, but sometimes, I can’t help it. There are times where I think man should I be doing more? But I know my boys and how much they can handle at one time. In the end the answer is I’m doing what I know is best for my boys. I know how much they can retain, comprehend, absorb, before they go all glassy eyed.

They learn more from what we are doing now than they probably ever would from a desk and a textbook.

Never let another person make you feel as if you aren’t doing what you know is best for your kids.

It’s GREAT to be a homeschooler…………..


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