Such Sadness….


In this world there is so much hate, sadness and anger. Friday was a horrible event. There should be no reason for little children to pass away. Yet.. it does happen. Every day. There are children who die of starvation, cancer, abuse and many other things.

Why is it that many people’s first reaction is to blame God. God did not choose to take the lies of so many little ones. Our CHOICE to sin is what took those precious babies home. Then I get up to read this morning and I hear about a crazy “Baptist group” planning on picketing their funerals!!! Are you kidding me?? Is there any wonder that non-Christians have a hate for Christians??

Two things we know are true... America is not the Christian nation it once was, and things have been going rapidly downhill. When it was a more Christian nation, where most people were happy to live by Biblical principles and values, we became the most powerful, the most wealthy and the most free nation in history. And we became the only powerful, rich nation in history to use our power and wealth mostly for good.

But in the last 50 years we've begun an open rebellion against God and his book. And we can track a direct line from that to our loss of wealth, freedom, power and security.
So whether you ultimately agree with all this or not, I hope you can at least see that those of us who hold to this position at least have a good factual and historical case to make for it.
The tragic mass murder of all those children in Connecticut today is another example. Some people will blame God and ask how we can follow a God who allows such a thing. But you can discount their views, because they hate this God in the first place and they're always looking for things they can twist into arguments against him - much like Democrats do against conservatives.

But the fact is, Christians in this country have been warning for a very long time - and strongly since the 1960s, that if we keep heading in the direction of rejecting the God of the Bible, that exactly these kinds of things will become more and more common. And not because God is judging or punishing us, but because they're the direct result of rejecting God. The murderer wasn't following God. He was in open rebellion against him. God didn't tell him to go murder 20 young children. If he was following the God of the Bible he never could have done that.

But the irreligious among us have worked tirelessly for over a hundred years to push God out of the schools, out of the media, out of all public places. So kids like him could grow up and never hear a single word from God's Bible. He was taught the atheist view that we're all the result of some random molecular accidents and there is therefore no purpose or meaning to our lives - except to reproduce. He could have grown up without ever coming into touch with any Christian teachings that would have helped him avoid doing what he did today. If he grew up going to public schools and watching Hollywood TV and movies, he could have easily gone his entire 20 years without hearing even a mention of Biblical teachings.

I’m not saying that all public schools are bad or that the teachers are bad. Everyone has a right to choose God or not. Ultimately we are responsible for that action as God gave us the choice we demanded  “Free Will”

Will tragedy of this nature stop? No, I don’t think it will. We as a nation and world won’t rely on God to help us in our time of need. God never said that we wouldn’t have trouble or sorrow. He said that He would be with us every step of the way if we walk in HIS way!.

My heart breaks for the children’s parents and their loss, yet it rejoices in knowing that those children are being scooped up into the Father’s arms and welcomed with love.

There will be many of you who are angry at what I have said and many who will disagree and some who will agree. I have no choice over how you react, but I hope you take this in the context it is written that we all have prayers that we need to send to God. We all have sin that needs to be laid at his feet. We as people of Christ need to work diligently to do his will.

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