Crazy sayings not to say to kids….



So yesterday, Thing One and I are baking. We baked chocolate surprise cupcakes and mini peppermint cakes.

We plan on giving these to our local “heroes” Aka firefighters/EMT’s. I am glad at how they turned out. He did a great job making them.


Doesn’t that look delish!


Later that night as we are heading to bed, Thing One goes to swipe at the icing and I say,
“If you don’t stay outta that I’m gonna chop ya finger off…..” laughingly…

Then very quietly he starts to cry and says Momma if you chop off my fingers, I can hold your hand or write or do anything.. would you really chop them off??

Oh boy do I feel like the worst mom EVER! Now I have always joked with my boys about small things like this. Saying the odd or off handed comment. I never realized how they took those at times until right then. Lord grant the wisdom to guard my tongue when joking.

I am very serious about this. I NEVER want my boys to feel hurt by me.. at least not intentionally as it can happen unintentionally.

  I try to do right by my boys. To play with them, guide them love him, humor them be there for them.

I do know that I will not be able to do this on my own. Does anyone else have this struggle or am I alone in it?


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