Break of Fun….


Well we have been on break for what seem like FOREVER… only it has been just a week. the boys were excited to stay with Grandma and Grandpa at the hotel to swim. It was sad when they had to go back home. My boys have such a hard time letting them leave. To me that is a great sign!

Christmas was a joy for everyone involved. New Kuerig’s, toys, Bucky Boat, Thomas trains, Wii games, and of course the Leappad 2! They have played non-stop with them. DSCN0613

They learn so much with these. Thing Three who is 3.5 LOVES the games. Some he can play, others he tries very hard and that is all I can ask of him at his age.

This year we surprised my mother with a great gift. She always thinks of others before herself, and never really gets herself anything that she WANTS.. not needs, but wants. so….

DSCN0626So we got her a Kindle!

Boy was she surprised! SO much so that you can’t see the tears that are streaming down her face. Thing One just had to “help” her! he was so excited for her to  open this gift.


I was surprised by my in-laws with a WONDERFUL 3 heart necklace. It is so me and they knew I would love and cherish it

You can’t really see it very well.. hmmm…

Well on to preparing for New Years Eve. I think we are going to stay home and plan our own party!

Hope your break is going wonderful….

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