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12. Favorite movie you watched:

I think that it would have to be The Hunger Games! I LOVED the books. They were so totally involved. I read them in less than 5 days. I cannot wait for the next movie to come out next Thanksgiving.. Man an ENTIRE year to wait for Catching Fire…

11. Favorite TV series:

I am going to have to say NCIS on this one.. I LOVE this show. The season finale last year was such a nail biter. I am so glad to see the cast back in action this year and to see what is in store for next.

10. Favorite restaurant:

Gauchos by far is my favorite! It is a Brazilian steak house. I just LOVE going here with the hubs.

9. Favorite new thing you tried:

I don’t think I have tried something new this year. Besides having the boys school all together and not separate.

8. Favorite gift you got:


My family! I cannot say how glad I am that things have worked out for members of my family.

7. Favorite thing you pinned:

This is what football is all about!

My most FAVORITE pin!

6. Favorite blog post:

Spaghetti and Meatballs

5. Best accomplishment:

Staying on top of laundry. With 5 people in the house and homeschooling and BMX racing.. clothes add up here.

4. Favorite picture:

Aren’t they the cutest!

3. Favorite memory:

Watching my boys race their last BMX race of the year and knowing that they have only done this for two months and are doing great!


2. Goal for 2013:

To move my butt more. I want to race in a run/walk next fall!

1. One Little Word:


This one word says a lot about how I want my next year to go and to be. I want to be motivated to work out more, eat healthy more. To try new things. I want to be motivated to beat my well anybody that I put my mind to.

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