What I learned this past weekend.


I learned that my house is VERY quiet without three little boys here.

I leaned that I do not have the overwhelming urge to straighten up.

I learned that I can control the TV and not have to watch Disney!

I learned that Grandma makes better cheesy eggs.

I learned that they LOVE spending time playing with Grandpa.

I learned that I dearly miss my boys when they are gone.

I learned that when they come home, I almost wish they could go back.

I learned that going out to a really nice restaurant is not cheaper than going with the kids.

I learned that I really love the time my boys spend away from home.

I learned that I LOVE the noise they bring back with them.

I learned that I REALLY need time away from my boys to be a better mom!

I learned that it is okay to indulge in chocolate and not have to share!

I learned that I am loved dearly by my boys and that is the best thing in the world.


What do you do when your kids are away for the weekend? Do your kids go away for the weekend?

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